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Santa Monica Divorce Attorney Providing Support in Mediation

Mara Berke is a consulting family lawyer who advises clients as needed in the California mediation process in accordance with the clients’ wishes for information and her involvement. This service is an affordable way for clients to obtain the benefit of family law legal advice without the cost of traditional divorce representation. Clients control the attorney’s role in their case and their costs.

As a consulting Santa Monica divorce attorney, Mara assists clients before and during the mediation process, including preparation for the mediation session(s), defining goals and interests, settlement options, coaching on negotiating strategies while supporting the mediation process, and the review of mediated agreements.

She gives advice regarding legal rights and assists clients in making informed decisions in the divorce mediation process. Significantly, she views her role to be supportive of the mediation process and the clients’ goals to resolve their case without litigation.

Contact Berke Family Mediation today to learn more about the consulting services provided by Santa Monica divorce attorney Mara Berke and find out how she can help you make informed decisions throughout the California divorce mediation process.